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Special price for footfetish lovers – valid only till 31. 12. 2015!

Welcome to the world of fulfilled trans dreams!


Do you happen to have ideas that makes you ashamed afterwards or do you have pipe-dreams that you consider as unrealizable? Are you allured by something entirely different? Do you want to emancipate from sexual stereotypes, even only for a while?


In this case I am here – TGIRL JASMÍNA‼


Think about it. Maybe I offer more than you are able to imagine in your wildest dreams!!



My name is Jasmína and I offer you erotic services on high level. There‘s no doubt that I like money and sex because I’ve been working in this line for more than three years. My services are offered to men ("hetero-sexual bisexuals"), women, pairs and other people of all age groups. If you are inexperienced it‘s no shame but challenge to try something new and unknown. I work alone, not like member of some private with others so there’s no reason to be afraid of meeting with someone other during our date. Discreetness, hygiene and health - of course.

I am a trans girl which is very wide term so that is why I’d like to say something about myself. I feel like a girl, but I don´t want to have vagina. I am proud of my penis and I don´t want to loose it. So perceive and address me like a girl. I don´t take hormones, I am not complete shemale yet, but I see my model in them.  I am not gay, not even fetishist - don´t mistake me them. Only for specification - shemale is the last stadium in the process of gender change, when the person looks and behave like a girl, but with men’s genitals.



Bio specification of tv Jasmina:

TS Jasmina Age: 28 years
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 70 kg
Vital statistics: 95-75-95 (don´t be frightened even if it is not typical girls proportions)
Breast: 1
Penis: 16/4 cm
Hair color: blonde
Hair lenght: medium-long
Eye colour: blue
Foot size: 44
Clothing size: 40 – 42
Languages: czech, german, english


Trans privat or escort? – during our date I keep and require these principles:


- I strictly don´t watch minutes but price difference = time difference
- The date usually starts with introducing each other when we speak about everything important, then comes shower and at the end there‘s everything sweet in my bed.
- If I am strictly limited by the time, I advise it in advance.
- My phone is shut down during sexual pleasures.
- Your preference are priority, the fill of our date is depended on them.




The most important is decent and reliable behavior - it means when you arrange a date with me and then you are not available or unable to come (for example nervousness before first date) I consider as decent and correct to apologize and not to complicate my next program.

In the case of prevalence of notorious joker or orderer of dates, who never comes and complicate my program I can, in extreme case publish this contact on my website. I hope there won´t be too many cases like this.